Meet the pitching companies


Meet eight selected companies from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Canada - all with high growth potential ready for investment. The companies represent groundbreaking innovations in sectors such as forest bioeconomy, health, and safety. They all contribute to solving sustainability challenges using innovative methods and digital technologies. They have been professionally evaluated and quality assured and show great market potential.

So come, and take the opportunity to make a high-quality investment at A-match. We hope to see you at Nöjesfabriken in Karlstad on November 7th.

Ecopals has developed a building material made from molded paper. It´s called Greenwood and can be used to make sustainable, lighter, and stronger furniture, such as doors, countertops, and wardrobes. It has an extra strong structure and provides the same strength as traditional building materials using 60% less material.
Erayzer saves lives by dramatically improving the safety of driving. It is a patented lighting solution with an integrated design — more efficient than those offered on the market today. ERayzer enables early detection of road hazards and allows drivers to confidently take the road in dark conditions.
Hejmas patented process makes it possible to produce medical grade and industrial pulp from field crop waste, instead of trees. A process emitting 88% less CO2, using 80% less water and 70% less power and time, compared to traditional methods. Hejmas' technology does this without harsh sulphide or chloride chemistry.
Inshore provides sailors with a higher accessibility to freedom through Inshore 24. It´s a sailboat made of flax fiber that has a folding mast, keel, and rudder. The unique design simplifies launching and transportation by trailer, making it easier to sail wherever you want. Especially on lakes without launching facilities.
MeWe&You Health aims to make the journey through menopause easier. There is no universal solution to alleviate symptoms such as hot flashes, memory loss, stress, and anxiety. Using machine learning and AI, MeWe&you presents an app teaches women, how to manage menopause with minimal impact.
Nature Station is a health space made to reduce inactive behavior, stress, and mental illness by integrating wellness into workplaces. The module creates a nature-like environment with health-promoting sensory impressions. It enables digital walking meetings with voice-controlled notes, and AI assistance or relaxation during lunch breaks. 
Nordic AI Solutions has developed RecorDr — an AI-powered voice-to-text tool that transforms doctor-patient conversations into notes. It eliminates manual documentation and saves valuable time for patient care. The technology has the potential to revolutionize efficiency in healthcare.
Swöms mission is to save people, especially children, from drowning. To do so, they have developed smart sensor technology that is integrated into swimwear. The technology detects if the user is in danger and automatically inflates itself if needed, to safely bring the user to the surface.