Are you looking for investment?

We are curious about you and your team!

Joining A-match doesn't just come with the possibility of funding. You will also gain lots of experience, contacts, and a useful pitch film that will live on long after the event. Businesses that have participated in the past have learned a lot before and during the pitch thanks to coaching. The experience that is gained is invaluable in the future when it comes to building a successful business.

Right now, you can apply to A-match. To do so we need to know more about you and your team, your business idea, and your ambitions going forward. Therefore, we would like you to record yourself answering a few questions. The film itself is not important, a mobile phone and a smile will do just fine.   

In the checklist you'll find information about the questions we want you to answer. So, get started, and don't forget to apply by September 7th!

Checklist: Video presentation

Practical matters

  • We want a simple video where you answer the questions below. Film yourself with your mobile.
  • Save your video using a storage service like Dropbox or OneDrive, or as an unlisted video on YouTube. Copy the link and paste it into the application form.
  • English or Swedish? Choose the language you feel most comfortable with.
  • The video will only be used internally by the assessment team when selecting the companies for pitching. Keep in mind that what is decisive is your glow, your commitment as well as the business idea itself rather than the picture quality of the film.
  • The video can be max 7 minutes long.
  • Write a short pitch (max 550 characters) and attach your logo to the application form.
  • If you’re accepted, the pitch and logo will be published on

We might take a business credit report and conduct a customer awareness survey of your company in connection with the assessment work.

The contents

Let us know about:

  • You and your team
Tell us about you and your team: past experience, maybe cutting-edge skills.

  • The product or service
Very briefly, what is your product/service and what problem does it solve? How does the product / service contribute to sustainable development?​​​​​​​

  • The uniqueness of your product or service
What is unique about this solution, and do you hold a patent or other IP rights? Do you have a so-called “First mover advantage”?

  • Your business model
Very briefly, how do you intend to make money from this product or service? Are you in the market today? Do you have paying customers?​​​​​​​

  • The market for your product or service
How big is the market, where can it be found and who are the intended customers? If you’ve identified early adopters, please describe them and how you plan to reach them. Through which channels is the product or service to be sold?

  • Your need of new capital and why
How much capital is needed? For what will it be used? 

  • What will be your next step after a possible investment? 

  • To sum up – let us know why we should pick you as one of the pitching companies at A-match!

Good luck!

What happens after you apply?


Are you ready to invest?

A fruitful investment starts with meeting the right people!

Are you an experienced investor or just curious about becoming a partner in a company of tomorrow?

A-match gives you the opportunity to meet companies that are ready for investment and know what they can offer. At the same time, you’ll get to know the teams that are to take the companies forward. We recognize that a fruitful investment is about trust, from both parties. A-match is an investor forum designed to pave the way for further meetings. 

A-match takes place at Nöjesfabriken in Karlstad, on November 7th, between 15:00 and 19:00.

When we ask investors, who have participated if they believe that A-match has led to useful contacts, four out of five answer yes. We are also very proud to tell you that our follow-up shows that 98% can recommend A-match to other investors