Meet the pitching companies


Meet nine selected companies from Norway and Sweden – all ready for investment and with high growth potential.
The companies represent cutting-edge innovations in industries such as forest bioeconomy, energy and digital health.
What they have in common is that they contribute to solving sustainability challenges using innovative methods and digital technology. 
All companies have been professionally evaluated and quality assured and show strong market potential. 

Discover high quality investment opportunities from A-match that took place November 23 at Nöjesfabriken in Karlstad.


Avanto Care collects, visualises and analyses data from both welfare technology and systems. This enables healthcare providers to monitor the results of their interventions, evaluate outcomes and take proactive actions. The result is a more personalised and humanised care that saves resources and money, at a time of increasing future health and care needs.


Eduqi is a digital subscription platform that offers preventive and innovative health solutions to reduce the growing stress problems in companies and organisations. Through AI and micro habits, they create sustainable and long-term lifestyle changes for the benefit of individuals, companies and society.

        offers high-tech robotic camera systems linked to drones that can, among other things, inspect airborne power grids with high precision. The technology has been developed to capture high-resolution images from fast-moving targets, such as drones.'s solution enables greener, safer, more efficient and more accurate inspections.


Habbie is a platform-independent digital solution, made to increase motivation, compliance and empowerment in habilitation, rehabilitation and preventive training. The service allows human resources in healthcare to be put where they are really needed and has been developed in close collaboration with users and local authorities. 


Nocoli has developed a research-based sensor technology that detects waterborne bacteria in real time. The lack of rapid analysis methods for bacteria in water causes millions of people to fall ill each year from contaminated water. Nocoli solves this problem effectively.


Numa guides you before and after giving birth, through a free app, digital health programmes for recovering in the early days and video meetings with experienced midwives. The service focuses on making evidence-based information accessible to all and is created by midwives, doctors and women's health specialists.


Reselo has developed a process that makes a perfect, sustainable and cost-effective rubber from residues from the forest industry. The rubber could revolutionise the rubber manufacturing industry and create new revenue streams for the forest industry.


Swinga is the next-generation sharing economy service that makes it easy and safe to borrow tools, leisure items and more from each other in the neighbourhood, as well as to rent from local businesses. The service allows local SMEs to easily switch to a modern, sustainable and more profitable business model.


Vinden has created a complete digital solution for self storage. They pick up, store and return your items that would otherwise be stored in the attic or basement. The result is more living space for people in growing cities.